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Open PINO Platform is the project to accelerate the research and development of humanoid robots by providing the technical information of PINO open to the public. Everyone can use PINO as a base of the research and development, in other words, to foster PINO to be more sophisticated humanoid robot. We hope PINO to play the similar role as LINUX, for humanoid robot development. Please join us to foster PINO!

"Open PINO Platform" is based on the concept of "copyleft".
All the source codes are provided under GPL GNU GPL General Public License.
All the documents published here are provided under GFDL GNU Free Document License.
The external design and the trademarks of PINO are not subject to GPL. The external design is COPYRIGHT in registered design.

* This site is not for the TOY "PINO-DX"
"PINO-DX" is a charactor toy produced and merchandised by Tukuda Original Co. Ltd. under license from ZMP INC. It has different mechanism from PINO.
Please direct any inquiry to< or visit (in Japanese).

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Research Institution: Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project
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Exterior Design: - Robot Designer Tatsuya Matsui's page
Distribution: ZMP INC.

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