Create an engine of scientific discovery

After many years of research on systems biology, we are convinced that one of the fundamental limitations in biomedical research is the very nature of human cognition. Artificial Intelligence, when it is well designed and trained, can be one of the solutions to overcome some of weakness of our cognitive processes thereby leading to highly efficient and organized scientific discoveries. Our ultimate goal is to develop an AI System that can make major scientific discoveries that would improve the state of the world and impacting the way we do science. Eventually, we may be able to envision the future that some of discoveries may be significant enough that worth Nobel Prize and beyond.

We have been developing Garuda Platform and Gandhara AI framework as a basic infrastructure to tackle the grand challenge. Now, we have reached the state to apply such a platform to develop highly intelligent systems that can assist our scientific activities and evolve to generate hypothesis, verify them, and reorganize our knowledge.

- Dr. Hiroaki Kitano


We are now looking for researchers, post-docs, and software engineers who are willing to join us to achieve the ultimate goal and revolutionalize the way we do science.

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